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Welcome To The ODE WBRS. For questions, please email the administrator at ode_ats@ode.state.oh.us
All hiring decisions should be made based on current state law, which identifies the stipulation for meeting Proper Certification and Licensure requirements and NOT the previous Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) requirements (as removed by federal and state law). A ?properly certified or licensed teacher? has successfully completed all requirements for certification or licensure in the core academic subject of the teaching assignment and currently holds that corresponding license. For teachers to be properly certified or licensed, according to ORC 3319.074(2), their teaching assignments must align with their license parameters in all of the following ways: * Subject areas in which they provide instruction, including core academic subjects; and * Grade levels in which they provide instruction; and * With the student population to whom the teacher provides instruction, such as gifted, regular education or special education.

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